Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Travel Search Engine

There are two ways to find the cheapest air ticket. Browse through websites of airlines and other travel intermediaries, which can mean going to 10-12 sites. Even then, you are not sure whether you have covered all options. Alternatively, just land at one website,
The site serves only indian domestic flights. You can set alert to any flight route for a price. You can search hotels too in this search engine site.
Zoomtra is an independent search engine for travel deals (at present, domestic airline tickets and hotel rooms). What makes it unique is that it processes information from more providers — airlines and travel portals — than any other website. The advantage is two-fold. One, while other portals have ticketing tie-ups with select airlines, which can induce an element of bias in throwing up the cheapest option or select coverage, Zoomtra doesn’t. Two, travel portals draw from airline sites and their own tie-ups, but exclude rival portals; Zoomtra covers both sets.

Given your date of travel, Zoomtra throws up the cheapest options. Then, it helps you filter this further by airline, time of travel or fare. Once you decide on a flight, you are guided to the airline or portal that is offering that flight, and you pay there. Zoomtra doesn’t charge you anything — it makes its money through advertising and by getting a cut from airline and portals on tickets that are identified through its search engine.


Massive air ticket sale by Air France

Limited-time Early Bird Sale announced by Air France!

The early bird gets the worm. Air France is having one its most massive sales ever to all your favorite destinations in Europe, India, and more, starting at just $183* one-way.
Check out these unbeatable fares for fall and winter travel (first valid departure October 29)
Sale ends May 2, and availability is limited/
France Early Bird Fares
New York - Paris $231*
Boston - Paris $244*
Washington D.C. - Nice $277*
Houston - Paris $290*
Seattle - Paris $359*
Los Angeles - Marseille $387*

Other Europe Early Bird Fares
New York - Frankfurt $183*
Boston - London $200*
Philadelphia - Warsaw $251*
Los Angeles - Lisbon $322*
Seattle - Barcelona $345*
San Francisco - Milan $354*

Other World Early Bird Fares
New York - Casablanca $277*
Boston - Tunis $277*
New York - Tel Aviv $335*
Boston - Johannesburg $492*
Los Angeles - Dubai $495*
Chicago - Bombay $530*
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Europe Trip on a Dime, or a Bit More

Ryan Air offering cheap flight tickets to europe, like a dime per trip per person.
When you are cruising for flights on Ryan Air and one pops up for 0.01 euro cent, it can be awfully tempting. But you will still be charged taxes, about 20 euros. Ryan Air flies into tiny airports at least an hour outside the city. The airports always have buses or trains into the city center, but that will add 15 to 20 euros to the price of your travel.

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Cheap E tickets from Vietnam Airlines

Vietnam Airlines will officially provide e-tickets as of May 2007. Previously the airline replaced traditional paper tickets by e-tickets for some air routes on a trial basis. This makes the ticket still cheaper.
Vietnam Airlines will officially provide e-tickets as of May 2007. Previously the airline replaced traditional paper tickets by e-tickets for some air routes on a trial basis.


"Land-A-Gulf Air-Deal" offer from Gulf Air

Here is an opportunity for those looking for fantastic value-for-money deals. Gulf Air is offering unbelievable prices from Bahrain, Muscat, Dammam, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Kuwait to select destinations under the "Land a Gulf Air Deal" offer.

Under this special offer, which is open for booking and purchase between now until 3 May 2007, passengers can travel to a wide range of exciting destinations across the Gulf Air network.Cheap tickets from Gulf Air!!

For as little as only BD19, passengers can travel from Bahrain to Abu Dhabi and come back or for BD39 to Dubai and come back. At just BD99, passengers can get return tickets to Amman, Athens, Beirut, Damascus, Istanbul and Larnaca (excluding taxes).


500000 Free Tickets from Air Deccan

No-frills airline Air Deccan is offering 5 lakh air tickets free, but with taxes and surcharges, in an effort to stimulate air travel during lean season.

These 'zero rupees plus taxes and surcharges tickets' would be available for sale across all sectors of the airline for travel between July 1 and October 27,


cheap t ickets from pacific airlines

The low cost air carrier Pacific Airlines said that it would launch a new promotional programme for summer flights.The air tickets at super low price levels will be valid for flights from June 1 to October 31.
From April 20 to April 30, Pacific Airlines will sell 200 more cheap air tickets for flights. BL 599 from Da Nang to HCM City, departing at 9.30 pm every day, will see the lowest air ticket level, at VND520,000 per trip, not including taxes and fees.

Pacific Airlines will also maintain low airfares for HCM City – Hanoi flights and vice versa, with the lowest level at VND750,000 per trip. For the HCM City – Taipei (Taiwan) route, the lowest one-way level will be $100/passenger. The airfares will be $60/passenger/flight for the HCM City – Bangkok flight, applied for groups of more than 10 passengers, and $65 for individual passengers.


Round the world Ticket fares

$1449 - Budget Travel with India in the Middle
Los Angeles or San Francisco or Seattle or Portland - Hong Kong - Singapore - Bangkok - Bombay or Delhi - Paris, Frankfurt or London, out of London or Paris to New York, also possible to fly from Frankfurt or London to Chicago, or out of Frankfurt to Los Angeles.
For departures tru 31 August 2007.
To substitute Singapore with a stop in Saigon and Siem Reap please add USD150. To fly between Delhi and Bombay please add USD75
Add USD 100 for New York departure and another USD 100 for a stop in Vancouver to Hongkong if desired.
Domestic addon fares available to the west coast from most domestic airports available at low cost for departures an returns, ask your travel counselor for details.
For travel from India to Europe or the USA from August 1 through September 14, and in January please add USD100. more details of round the world trip

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Made in America Offers by Lufthansa:

Special deals from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore & Hyderabad. Book now!
Prices in Indian Rupees. one US Dollar is approx equal to 44 Indian Rupees

* New York 31,850*
* San Francisco 31,850*
* Dallas/Fort Worth 31,850*
* Detroit 31,850*
* Los Angeles 31,850*

With Love, Europe London 18,200*

*Taxes are to be added separately. All prices shown are in Indian Rupees.