Saturday, March 22, 2008

cheap tickets to china

Beijing, China (PEK) From canada
From $ 842+tax

Air Canada's low fares and convenient connections to Beijing are worthy of a gold medal regardless of whether you're heading over there for the 5-ring circus this upcoming summer, or if you're trying to beat the crowds by going before or after the big event. These fares even allow for a free stopover in Vancouver on your way home if you want a sneak peak of where the 2010 winter events will be held. Travelers from East of the Mississippi can also opt to stop off in Toronto instead.$ 842+tax

Depart April 01, 2008 through June 01, 2008

$ 937+tax
Depart June 02, 2008 through July 22, 2008
$ 950+tax
Depart July 23, 2008 through August 06, 2008
$ 937+tax
Depart August 07, 2008 through August 20, 2008
$ 842+tax
Depart August 21, 2008 through October 15, 2008



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