Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Travel Search Engine

There are two ways to find the cheapest air ticket. Browse through websites of airlines and other travel intermediaries, which can mean going to 10-12 sites. Even then, you are not sure whether you have covered all options. Alternatively, just land at one website,
The site serves only indian domestic flights. You can set alert to any flight route for a price. You can search hotels too in this search engine site.
Zoomtra is an independent search engine for travel deals (at present, domestic airline tickets and hotel rooms). What makes it unique is that it processes information from more providers — airlines and travel portals — than any other website. The advantage is two-fold. One, while other portals have ticketing tie-ups with select airlines, which can induce an element of bias in throwing up the cheapest option or select coverage, Zoomtra doesn’t. Two, travel portals draw from airline sites and their own tie-ups, but exclude rival portals; Zoomtra covers both sets.

Given your date of travel, Zoomtra throws up the cheapest options. Then, it helps you filter this further by airline, time of travel or fare. Once you decide on a flight, you are guided to the airline or portal that is offering that flight, and you pay there. Zoomtra doesn’t charge you anything — it makes its money through advertising and by getting a cut from airline and portals on tickets that are identified through its search engine.



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