Sunday, January 21, 2007

cheap flight ticket tips

Whenever you hop online to book your airline ticket on-line, you observe that the prices have gone up significantly. Happens frequently. Since the fuel prices are touching an all time high, traveling by air is becoming cheaper than traveling by road paradoxically. Here are a few important tips that will help you save when booking your tickets online. Tips for cheap flight ticket in othersense. It is always recommended that you do an advanced booking of your tickets to get the best deals. Most airlines offer great prices on Advanced Booking. Make sure that you research a couple of websites to get the deal you want. If your travel schedule is flexible , try looking for alternative departure time on different days. Many a time, the late night flights or the early morning flights will have cheaper fares. Check if a stopover can reduce the flight ticket price as sometimes the direct flight is more expensive and also tiring. Only do so if there is significant savings. Make sure you book other things with your flight tickets like car rental service and Hotel accommodation. There are many websites which really offer great deals on travel packages, thereby meriting more savings. If you travel even twice a year , make sure you join the frequent flyer program of your favorite airline like delta airlines, concorde, air france etc. Some airlines offer great discounts on flight tickets and other extra useful facility like up gradation to business class or express check-in. Also check with your credit card company since many times they partner with airlines and offer discounts!!. The more frequently you travel the more miles you will collect and thus over time you can get discounts on tickets or sometimes it is possible to travel even free. Some airlines also extend these miles on leisure travel also. Hope that you make your next flight ticket purchase considering these tips and save a couple of hundred dollars.
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